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At VLS, we seek individuals who are not only technologically proficient and experience with specific Industry domain knowledge, but who also care about teaming with other colleagues at the client site. We recruit people with true strength of character and integrity, who genuinely share our values, and we treat every assignment as another step towards building long-term relationships.

At V.L.S Systems
, guiding clients through the difficult search process is what we do best. Your satisfaction is our top priority. In a time when companies spend millions of dollars on software development with often disappointing results, V.L.S Systems will provide the talent you need to achieve success. We are part of your team. We deliver the best.Finding the right people is not as simple as it sounds.

V.L.S Systems has invested substantial resources to build and maintain one of the most extensive and diverse talent pools in the industry.We screen thousands of prospective candidates on your behalf. We carefully matchyour detailed spectrum of technical attributes with those that our candidates possess. In our effort to target the specific expertise you require, we assess experience,availability, and attitude. In the end, we only submit candidates that closely match your requirements. We never waste your time.

Building the Right Team

Success in any project requires the proper balance of people, methods and tools. At V.L.S Systems, we staff each project with a combination of business and technical talent. When you work with us, you will often become part of a team carefully constructed with the know-how, energy and chemistry to make a project succeed. Once an engagement begins, V.L.S Systems continues to support its placements throughout each phase of the system development life cycle.Our Staff is Technical. All V.L.S Systems placement specialists are former programmer, engineers and project leaders with extensive business expertise. We understand your technical requirements. We understand your business objectives. We pride ourselves in being acutely awareof the technologies that you must manage, and the skill sets necessary to employ them efficiently.

We have professional level skills in requirements gathering, developing functional and design specification documents, System Build and Design disciplines, Project Change Management Methodologies and Configuration Management.

Maintaining the best in the Industry, V.L.S Systems provide industry experienced and highly qualified IT Consultants to augment customer needs in their internal IT departments.We will organize, staff, and manage Project Teams from design to implementation of complex enterprise IT integrations, testing and support activities, product/application deployments, customer support operations, help desk installation and staffing, and the introduction of new and emerging technologies.

V.L.S Systems assists clients in choosing the best services mix to meet the technology, the ramp-up challenges, and the contractor staffing requirements resulting from project-to-project transitions or changing of requirements in the business and technology arenas.

Our Services:

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