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"I find the ITRM application is well conceived to help reduce the time for recruitment by allowing more efficient process and data management. It has been useful in our organization for managing metrics and delivery."

Ravi Singh, Chief Operating Officer
Megasoft Consultants, Inc., VA

"I would strongly refer and recommend ITRM to anyone in the Information Technology Management field, with higher business goals."

Bill Haas, President
Evolutions Services Inc., IL

"Our team benefits from VLS's ITRM tracking system. This is a robust recruiting application that allows my team to easily track candidates, job openings, and client information. The VLS team has responded well to our requests to customize the application for our specific business needs. When you get right down to it, staffing firms need a central repository that is simple to navigate and is reliable. ITRM does both and we are pleased with the results."

Robert Venneri, CEO, VA

"ITRM has proved to be a productive tool for our staff augmentation team and it has enhanced our businesses performances and has streamlined all our recruiting processes."

Satish Gudaru, CEO
ZenInfoTech, LLC, KS

Email - To request demo of our ITRM Tool v1.1.


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