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Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) Tool

Information Technology Resources Management System (ITRM) is an Applicant Tracking System (also referred as ATS), aimed to serve the requirements of Human Resource departments of any company. The software is evolved from the latest Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET, AJAX, and SQL Server and is so designed to enhance the resource operations by integrating all the processes involved in human resource management. VLS Systems Inc., an IT Software products and services company, based at Chantilly, VA, USA, operating since past 13 years, has developed this unique application which reflects the definiteness of purpose. The software offers a fully integrated and centralized recruiting system/ATS that promotes communication and control throughout the organization, the tool helps HR Departments/ IT consulting companies with the regular resource management along with other following express features :

Candidate Search The system enables the technical recruiters search for candidates based on advanced selection criteria and helps find suitable candidate with in seconds and provides complete information about the consultant/candidate along with an easy access to the saved resume through a link, avoiding time in searching for the same in physical directories, the tool in turn opens up lines of communication between Recruiters and consultants while facilitating efficient distribution of information via email notifications. The candidates’ data is classified based on the candidate type e.g. Full-Time, Hourly, 1099 or subcontracting company candidates. Once a candidate is marked as full time/hourly the candidate data is mapped with the entity, Employee, to facilitate storage of more personal information of the candidate which helps in tracking the timesheets, vacation days, LCA information for H1B candidates, GC process and other payroll related information. This application also allows the users to upload, all the needed information once a consultants becomes an employee (I-9, W4, State With-holding forms, Employment agreements and other related documents)

Clients Management (CRM) – The ITRM system provides the ability to maintain the client’s database based on their type, end clients/subcontractors. All the clients information is secured and can be retrieved when required through the client search and through reports, the tool gives information about the clients added/updated within a time span and helps the clients manager of the firm manage client in a better and efficient way to update the clients information and get reports based on the client’s type, category, date-updated, date-added. You can set reminders to call a client manager on a given date and time. You can add a job from a client screen. You can manage clients based on the type of the client and potential business you can gain from the client.

Subcontracts Management – Add Sub-contract companies. You can track and save all the needed paper work for sub-contractors (W-9 form, Certificate of Good standing, Sub-contract/Vendor agreement, and any other paper work). You will be able to have 3 tier’s of sub-contractor, they can be classified based on their technology focus or location. You can search, update and delete Sub-contract contacts.

Jobs/Requirements Posting to candidates & subcontractors –The system maintains all the jobs/requirements in an efficient way enabling the sales and Account managers to post their requirements, assign to available Recruiters of the firm through user friendly web interface with options to notify other sub contractors and candidates who match the category of the job posted though emails, the tool enables the firms to format all their out-going emails through one file, while the system automatically fills the required information from the jobs posted. You can track the jobs based on the client Industry vertical or horizontal and do different kinds of searches. You can send the job requirements by email to all the approved sub-contractors, get the resume submissions from sub-contractors on-line directly to the Recruiter or Account Manager, make changes to the resume, and directly submit the resumes to the clients. Schedule interviews on-line by sending an email notification.

Submission Process | Project Confirmations – The candidate submission process becomes hassle free with the use of ITRM Tool as it automates the process to a larger extent and helps Sales executives/Account Managers of the company to select a job/requirement and submit candidates, the tool follows a three step process to submit candidates against a requirement, the candidate selection, the required information respective to the job selected and the direct email to the client manager, responsible for the requirement at the client side, and automatic resume attachment as picked from the candidate’s profile. You will be able to different kind of searches based on lot of criteria on the submissions made. You can send an automatic reminder checking with a client manager on a submission with a click of a button. Once a client manager requests an interview of a resume submitted, you can schedule the interview automatically and inform the candidate about the possible interview with a click of a button. Once a client manager offer the candidate a project, you can track all the needed information and inform the candidate of the client project confirmation and project logistics with a click of a button and generate an agreement automatically with all the needed paper work. Once you get the agreements or Purchase Orders or Statement of Work, you can upload the signed copies.

Workflow Reports – As the application is built on an extensive database which serves the requests of clients, sales representatives, consultants and the organization with ease and efficiency it helps generate various reports based on a selection criteria to the executives of the company, the workflow can be analyzed over a time span and day-to-day work of each and every HR executive is easily traced with the reports options and this adds value to the tool as it overcomes the individual monitoring of work flow. The various (Close to 25) reports designed for specific purposes are the result of extensive research in this field. You will be able to see the number of new project starts/Confirmations, which staff in your office made how many confirmations and lot of other reports.

There are lot of other important features to track the workflow, lot of reports can be generated which will help decide the company’s management look at the productivity and return on Investments. You can generate reports as follows for a given time period (Weekly, bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Qtrly, Yearly or any given dates):

  • Number of consultants placed on projects. (Gives the list of W2s, 1099, Sub-contract)
  • Number of Cost of employees, Total hours billed, mark up, total revenue, gross margin generated
  • Sales and Recruiting staff commissions
  • Number of job requirements added, assigned to recruiters, number of jobs recruiters were not able to submit resumes.
  • Total number of requirements added by client, number of submissions made, number of interviews, number of confirmations.

Over 50 reports can be generated using the ITRM. You can set alters to send messages to your employees on their Birthdays. You can create a “Things to do” task list and lots of other great features.

Automated Notifications – ITRM makes the process of notifying candidates and sub-contractors about the jobs/requirement posted into your system becomes automated and intelligent as the ITRM Tool picks the candidates matching the job category/primary skills dynamically and notification email is sent the moment the requirement is posted into the system. The process of attaching documents and sending through regular email clients is also being automated as the tool has the option to save the path of a file and it picks the files from the physical directory and attaches it to email internally.

LCA Management – Management of Labor Condition Applications (LCA) for the employees is a key element of business transparency for consulting companies hiring H1B employees and tracking their project movements within the United States, as it is mandatory that consultants working at a client site must have the LCA approved for the client location (City/county/state). ITRM supports the ability to manage the LCAs for the candidates by allowing HR Users to add new LCA records, upload a softcopy of the LCA and associate the LCA number to the candidate, ITRM system generates an auto notification to the HR department when ever a project is confirmed for a candidate if an LCA record for the matching county/state is not available, thus streamlining the LCA management process and LCA report is available at any time just with a click & reducing the time to locate the physical records in conventional folders in HR departments.

GC Process Tracking – ITRM enables companies to track the GC applications process by maintaining a clear record of various filing dates, jobs advertisements on portals, newspapers, DOL notification and company websites, for a GC application, associate jobs with GC applicants, as one job can be used by many applicants and in turn the tool streamlines the process and avoids any hassles in maintaining vital information on GC applicants, the tool also tracks the labor approval dates, receipt numbers and current status, this helps in answering the queries from the Lawyers, DOL or candidate’s enquiries about the GC applications.

Employee Time Tracking & Electronic Invoice Presentment Service (eIPS) – ITRM leverages the internet to enable all the employees to submit their times online, as employees work on client locations the web-based time entry system enables all the employees to submit their times online. The system tracks billable and non-billable hours (A very detailed non-billable section allows users to see the reasons for an employee or consultants non-billable hours). The systems also allows sub-contracting companies to present invoice information online, helping clients reduce inefficiencies and accelerate cash receipts by providing consultants time sheet data and invoices online. The system features automatic e-mail alerts when invoices are ready for review and payment. This is an important feature that enables tracking timesheet and Invoice information pool of all the employees and therefore helps to save time on Payroll and Invoice generation.

Commissions Calculations – The recruiting team and their account mangers’ performance and commissions are calculated based on the hours each employee or consultant worked at a client site, their bill rate per hour or day or month and the pay rate of the employee/consultant. Various reports can be generated for their placements and project confirmations over a time period. Commissions can be calculated based on the Gross margin or Revenue and lots of other factors which can be customized.

User Security & Administration – All ITRM users have assigned roles within the system and are granted specific access rights. For example, the administrator may have access and change rights throughout the system while a Recruiter may only be able to view the available candidates and their skills.

This product is designed in such a way that Recruiters, Account Managers can use this very easily with very less time in learning the tool. To request a demo of our product please click here RequestDemo or contact @ (703) 953-3118 x 1304| • Email


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