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  • Helping Make Your Project a Success

    We design, develop and implement reliable applications that run securely on internal networks and over the Internet. We have successfully completed 100% of our projects on time and on budget.
    Our core competencies are in the areas of custom application development, service oriented architecture, web services, and privacy and security. We offer a range of IT services, from tactical engagements to full project lifecycle solutions that enable clients to expand the reach and range of their systems. Our specialty is the development of technical solutions designed to interconnect internal and external systems enabling secure, seamless integration with customers, partners and suppliers. The following are our principal capabilities and product/service offerings:

    • Build and implement business processes and supporting applications and systems

    • Migrate existing (legacy) applications to web

    • Provide web-enabling design service

    • Enhance mission-critical applications

    • Provide quality assurance services

    • Provide technical personnel for client projects

    The key to success is the VLS On-Shore/Off-Shore business model that provides the enterprise with a powerful technical delivery line through the transfer of primary development functions to its facility in Hyderabad, India. In its role as a force multiplier to amplify capabilities and relationships managed by on-shore resources, the India facilities’ infrastructure, including secure remote development systems, is being progressively upgraded to support this initiative.
    In order to ensure the success of every project, VLS has developed and implemented a Project Management Methodology which uses a rapid-prototyping, rapid-development methodology based on the industry standard spiral model. This methodology, together with the VLS Reliability Framework and Project Server Portal, focuses on and enhances the delivery of the software systems based of key requirements of a successful outsourcing involvement.


    At V.L.S Systems, we ascribe significance to the methodology or process of providing cost-effective and high quality IT solutions. We believe that the 'how' is as important as the 'what' and 'why'. Towards this objective, we have evolved a process that consists of the following:

    • Adopting a proven Systems Approach to Problem Solving

    • Encouraging innovation and creativity in building cost-effective solutions

    • Incorporating the latest technology and techniques in solution designs

    • Complementing IT solutions with improvements to the processes and methodologies used in developing and maintaining these solutions

    • Integrating business skills and multi-platform technology expertise into the solution

    • Developing training programs, teaching training classes, and providing implementation assistance (including HELP Desk Support) to ensure high customer satisfaction with the technology and the processes underlying the delivered services and solutions

Our Services:

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