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VMACT - VMS (Vendor Management Tool)

VMACT - Vendor Management System (VMS) is an online workforce procurement application, which provides a link between Human Resources, Staffing vendors, and temporary and contract employees. vmACT streamlines the creation, distribution, and tracking of position requirements for full-time hiring and the contract worker procurement process as well as the interaction between clients and their suppliers. The system provides functionality to view historical data by department, position, or location. vmACT works with multiple staffing vendors and allows users to monitor usage from all of these vendors. Additionally, vmACT provides Web-based time and expense tracking, which generates consolidated supplier invoicing and is supported by a robust management-reporting engine. 

  • Job Order Requisition: Input temporary staffing orders 24/7 with immediate access to your vendors.

  • E-mail Verification: Receive electronic notifications confirming all requests and assignments.

  • Order Tracking: Track the status of orders on-line from anywhere at your convenience. 

  • Timesheet Submission and Authorization: Review and approve timesheets on-line, eliminating errors and endless paper trails.

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Activity Summary/Reporting: Capture critical information and generate reports with real-time data. 

  • Invoice Submission, Tracking and Approval: Approve all invoices on-line..

VLS Systems’ Vendor Management System is designed to manage staffing needs of any Company from one consistent application. It manages the complete vendor management cycle from strategy to execution. VMS creates a marketplace where vendors can receive job requisitions in real-time and respond online with their candidate submissions. vmACT-VMS enables companies to hire faster, more cost effectively and in a controlled and measurable manner .

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