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V.L.S Systems Referral Program

At V.L.S Systems Inc., we want you to benefit from our success!!! We offer monetary rewards for Employee referral and project leads!!!

Employee Referral Program

V.L.S Systems is always looking for qualified computer professionals to work on our numerous projects. You can earn up-to $1000 just by helping us with our search! Once we have received the resume, V.L.S Systems will verify that the referral’s resume is already in our database, if not already in our database, you become eligible for the referral reward. If V.L.S Systems employs one of your referrals for any project (more than 90 days in duration) within one year of you sending us the resume, you receive the $500 bonus, after the newly hired employee has worked over 90 days. You can receive $500 for your first referral, $700 for the second referral, and $800 -$1000 * for three or more referrals.

CALL TODAY at (703) 953 3118 x 1138 or Fax us at (703) 953-3881 or

Project Lead Program

V.L.S Systems also provides bonus for project leads. You can register leads with V.L.S Systems personnel by providing the following information: the company name and location, the project manager or project in need of support, and the technical details of the project. An introduction to the project manager will greatly increase your opportunity for the lead bonus.

A V.L.S Systems Account Manager will follow up on your lead and will confirm back to you all lead information. If you lead results in the placement of a V.L.S Systems employee/consultant within 90 days of you call, you will earn $1 - $3 per hour worked by each V.L.S Systems consultant hired, which you referred, for as long as they work on the project (up to one year). Remember there are approximately 2080 normal working hours in an average year.

Conflict of Interest
Referrals at existing clients are welcome but must be handled carefully so as not to create a conflict of interest. Many of our clients rightfully have published polices prohibiting consultants from pursuing business opportunities while at the client site or “on the clock”. Recognition for sales leads at existing clients will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the sales VP’s. Additionally for some clients, you may not act on the company’s behalf beyond facilitating an introduction.

CALL TODAY at (703) 953-3118 or Fax us at (703) 953 3881 or

* Some restrictions apply; pls. check with our office for further details.


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